O.J. Simpson and the Kardashians: Unpacking Their Relationship and Family History

O.J. Simpson is not directly related to the Kardashian family by blood.

However, his connection to the family comes through his close friendship with Robert Kardashian, who was one of Simpson's defense attorneys during his highly publicized 1995 murder trial.

Robert Kardashian was a close friend and confidant of Simpson, and his involvement in the trial brought significant media attention to the Kardashian family.

The friendship between O.J. Simpson and Robert Kardashian was well-documented, and Simpson even stayed at the Kardashian home following his infamous Bronco chase.

While O.J. Simpson is not a blood relative of the Kardashians

his relationship with Robert Kardashian played a significant role in shaping the family's public image and ultimately contributed to their rise to fame.