NFL Free Agency Victors: 2024 Highlights

You may believe that it is premature to identify the winners of free agency after just one day of legal tampering, but surprise! We are going to do just that.

Falcons playoff prospects 

Are they shelling out a lot of cash for an older pocket passer who recently suffered a major injury? Yes. However, Kirk Cousins is the kind of astute, ready-to-play signal-caller that can assist Atlanta in winning the NFC South title as soon as possible, if not more.

At his position, he is still in the running for the top 10, and his supporting group is only about to reach its prime.

Running backs

"So much for the position's depreciation. On the first day of free agency, four different running backs—Saquon Barkley, Josh Jacobs, D'Andre Swift, and Tony Pollard—agreed to agreements averaging at least $8 million annually in a market that appeared to be depressed but was actually stacked with excellent starters. Two of them made more than $12 million a year, placing them in the top five for positional pay."