Mets Optimistic: Transition Year Holds Promise Beyond Expectations

Jupiter, Florida — Of course, this isn't the Mets squad that entered the 2023 season with a supposedly loaded roster (before mysteriously bombing). But fear not, Mets supporters—that might be a good thing.

There is a lot to enjoy about this place, even in this purported transition year. The Mets have afforded themselves a chance to play through the middle of October.

The Mets might be better than you believe for the following reasons.

Even after a frugal winter, they're still spending an MLB-high $340 million (according to Cot's Baseball Contracts). You can see that there is skill here even if some or all of that was wasted.

Only two years have passed since their 101 victories, and nine players—many of them crucial ones—remain from that group. The 2023 season might have been an anomaly.

Carlos Mendoza, the new manager, seems prepared. Since he was the bench coach for the Yankees last year, who had numerous great seasons, I was initially dubious. But it's becoming obvious that he has the intelligence and personality. And you have to know he's ready for the modern game, having worked for the analytically minded Yankees for a long time and recently hired renowned stats cruncher David Stearns.