Luxembourg's "Fighter" Set for Revamp: "Everything Will Be Different

The new "Fighter" may be quite different, according to a teaser piece on RTL's website ahead of the revamp's premiere on Friday.

Tali is presently refining her act "from A to Z" in preparation for her 2024 Eurovision performance, "Fighter.

" Additionally, as suggested by an Instagram post, she will not appear like the person who won the Luxembourg Song Contest in January.

Hair and makeup artist Luca de Michele, who is traveling with Tali's squad, stated that the 23-year-old has been getting ready for Eurovision ever since she won the national final.

As Tali gets ready for the Eurovision Song Contest in just six weeks, her preparations are almost finished.

Tali remarked, looking back on her journey thus far, that participating in Eurovision has been a "dream come true"