Kenny Pickett Reveals Reasons Behind Steelers Departure

The former QB for the Pittsburgh Steelers gave an explanation of his desire for a new beginning with a different team.

Pittsburgh Last week, the Pittsburgh Steelers announced that they had traded Kenny Pickett to the Philadelphia Eagles for a pair of draft picks. There were indications that Pickett was not happy about being added to the club and had asked to be moved. It was an abrupt and unpleasant finale to his time with the team.

During his first press conference with the Eagles following his trade, Pickett gave an explanation of his reasons for wanting to leave the Steelers and start over in a new city on the opposite side of the state.

He stated on the NBC Sports Philadelphia YouTube page, "I just thought it was time." "It simply seemed like things had to happen sooner rather than later. hoped to have the opportunity to advance my career elsewhere.

Even though there was evident tension between Pickett and the Steelers' management after he departed, he continued to have nothing but positive things to say about his old team, especially his coaches and teammates.

"I loved every coach I encountered and every teammate I had, and I gave everything I had there." Along with some truly amazing experiences that I will always cherish, Pickett also mentioned lifetime friendships. "After everything happened, I was thankful for the time we spent together and spoke with the boys. I hope the best for everyone out there."