How 'Shōgun' Brought the Feudal Epic to Modern Times

The original 'Shōgun' was a landmark miniseries, but FX/Hulu's recent retelling elevated the story for modern audiences.

The new version shifts focus to Japanese characters, reflecting a more globalized TV landscape.

Viewers are now more receptive to subtitles, allowing for a richly authentic production.

'Shōgun' 2023 expands female roles, adding depth and nuance while respecting the historical context.

Unlike many remakes, this 'Shōgun' stands as a complete story, with no need for sequels or prequels.

It sets a high standard for future adaptations, proving remakes can surpass the originals.

This comes as Hollywood increasingly looks to past hits for inspiration, like the upcoming 'The Fall Guy' movie.

'Shōgun' demonstrates the power of a well-crafted remake to resonate with a whole new generation.

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