Countdown to India's 2024 Lok Sabha Elections

The Election Commission announces dates for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, set to begin on April 19 with results declared on June 4.

Seven phases of voting will cover 102 Lok Sabha seats in the first phase and conclude with 57 seats in the seventh phase.

Over 96.8 crore voters, including 1.82 crore first-time voters, are eligible to participate in the democratic process.

Challenges such as muscle power, money influence, and misinformation are addressed by the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Rajiv Kumar.

Political parties are urged to focus on issue-based campaigning and adhere to the model code of conduct to ensure fair elections.

The BJP-led NDA aims to surpass its previous performance, targeting over 370 seats, while the Congress strives to improve its standing.

The political landscape sees alliances forming, with the BJP expanding the NDA and the Congress leading the INDIA alliance.

As the nation gears up for elections, the spotlight is on the democratic process that will shape India's future.