Beyoncé's Cowboy Carter: Yeehaw or No Ma'am? The Verdict Unveiled!

We should have known something was up when Beyoncé showed up at the Grammys wearing a cowboy hat.

After a week, she made her official country music debut by releasing two unexpected singles during the Super Bowl.

Among them, the Texas Hold 'Em with its banjo-riff became the star's biggest hit in years. It held the top spot in the UK for four weeks, which was her longest run at the top.

Nashville shrugged her shoulders. The song received very little attention on country radio, despite receiving millions of streams that shot it to the top of Billboard's country chart.

Basically, Beyoncé knew what to expect.

She stated on Instagram last week that her new album, Cowboy Carter, was "born out of an experience that I had years ago where I did not feel welcomed," despite the fact that she is a Texan and loves country music by nature.