Beyoncé & Miley Cyrus' Duet: 'II Most Wanted' - A True Ride-Or-Die Anthem

Numerous unreleased songs from Beyoncé's latest album Cowboy Carter include an unexpected song with none other than Hannah Montana.

Beyoncé and fellow Grammy winner Miley Cyrus collaborate on a new song called "II Most Wanted," a deep country ballad that highlights their shared Southern heritage.

After a widely circulated hypothesis said that Lady Gaga would reunite with Beyoncé for their eagerly anticipated "Telephone" sequel on Cowboy Carter, several fans assumed that "II Most Wanted" would feature their collaboration.

Rather than that, Cyrus and Bey present a tale of a ride-or-die friendship that lasts a lifetime between two American criminals.

This is an actual duet, in contrast to most A-list collaborations when the feature is limited to background vocals. In the verses, Cyrus and Bey swap bars before joining forces for a stunning chorus full of harmonies.

Together, they sang, "Until the day I die, I'll be your shotgun rider." "Fly down the 405 and smoke out the window." I'll be your kid in the backseat, driving you mad whenever you want.