Anthony Edwards' Epic Dunk over John Collins Goes Viral in Wolves' Victory

On Monday night, a one explosive dunk served as the ideal summary of Anthony Edwards' dominance in the second half.

In the third quarter, Edwards scored a huge basket over Utah Jazz player John Collins, leading the Minnesota Timberwolves to a 114-104 victory, although the play left both players injured.

Edwards, who scored 25 of his 32 points after halftime, stated, "I was thinking I was going to miss it because I wasn't close to the rim, but somehow God willed it in for me."

Social media users quickly began sharing the play

Mike Conley, a seasoned point guard with the Timberwolves, claimed it may have been the greatest dunk he had ever seen in person.

Conley remarked, "He almost looks like a cat." He simply keeps moving ahead and comes to rest on his feet. That kind of thing is what defines him and explains how he moves in the game.

Edwards claimed that as a child, he looked up to athletes with a reputation for dunking, such as Vince Carter. Edwards's ambition has always been to duke the way they did.