2024 NFL Mock Draft: Vikings, Raiders Make Big Moves; Chargers Opt for Roster Reinforcement

Now that the initial wave of free agency has passed, a lot has changed.

The Steelers acquired two former franchise quarterbacks and traded their most recent first-round pick to the Eagles, while the New York teams strengthened their offensive lines. The clubs that finished outside the top 10 were:

There are important choices to be made by Minnesota, Denver, and Las Vegas on whether to trade down or up for their next franchise face.

The Vikings, who now own two first-round picks (Nos. 11 and 23), move up to No. 5 overall in my mock draft 8.0, trading places with a Chargers squad that could benefit from the extra draft cash.

Though Minnesota will have to settle with QB4 even at No. 5, we usually stress the importance of fit when developing a young quarterback, and Kevin O'Connell is one of the better matches.

With their two first-round picks, the Chargers discover two starters, one on defense and one on offense.